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Why do I join the Board to do an IPO?  

The Board needs someone on their side, who has done it before, to avoid distraction to management, who can manage the process and the external advisors, to minimise cost and potential delays.


  • Being on the Board provides:
    • Disclosure, transparency, commitment,
    • Authority to manage IPO & DD process, including external advisors
    • Accountability, responsibility, share/manage director liability,
    • Alignment with director & shareholder interests,
    • Personal commitment, generally only one IPO transaction at a time,
    • Commitment to Company transition after IPO and ASX Listing, minimum 2 years


  • Remuneration:
    • I back my ability to get it done!
    • No up-front fees,
    • Substantially success-based fee structure,
    • Minimal monthly Directors fees,
    • Equity based success fee, shares held in escrow, usually 24 months
    • Alignment of my interests to all stakeholder interests.


"I have done it over 20 times before, so I know what I am doing! "


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