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Octet - Trade Finance

I am an accredited introducer of Octet, which provides both a B-2-B Supply Chain and Cash Flow Finance Solution, via a secure web based portal, which:

  • Provides an interest-free, unsecured business line of credit for buyers
  • Facilitates rapid exchange of funds & documentation between buyer and seller,
  • Does not interfere or replace any secured funding already in place,
  • Complements the security of the bank or other secured lenders,
  • Provides the additional funds buyers need to negotiate the best price from suppliers, and
  • Is as convenient and simple to use as a credit card.

The uniqueness of the Octet concept is that it creates a global closed community business-to-business process for the exchange of information & documentation as well as providing transaction finance for domestic and international trade.

Traditionally suppliers have had an advantage over their buyers when it comes to financing a sales transaction as they have something to offer to secured lenders whereas buyers generally do not. This is because traditional secured lenders consider the supplier’s “accounts receivable” arising from the transaction as an asset that can be lent against.

Octet, however, approaches the lending process differently to most traditional lenders. This is because we focus primarily on the ability of the business to service a loan rather than on potentially having to recover the amount through a default process. Prevention is better than cure. For this reason we are able to offer a facility, which assists buyers at the time that goods or services are being purchased.

This is the essence of the Octet Business Transaction Facility, which is effectively an unsecured, interest-free line of credit to buyers which provides the funds you need to negotiate the best price from your suppliers.


You utilise your Business Transaction Facility by accessing Octet's online portal. The portal verifies your identity via an encrypted (smart chip) Octet Trading Card supplied when you first enrol and then handles all transaction documentation and payments via the web.


We arrange to set up your approved suppliers as Octet members too. As your supplier is assured of

payment by Octet, this gives you more power to trade. When you are ready to transact, you simply log onto the Octet portal to connect with your supplier and then place your order.

For more information, see or contact me.

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