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Wholesale Investor ASX Showcase

"Keys to managing a successful IPO and ASX listing"


Steve Torso

Steve Torso

Founder at Wholesale Investor and CRIISP

Over the last 6 months, we have seen 6 of our former clients IPO and 3 more lining up to do so shortly. I am fortunate to meet a lot of great people who have no interest in media attention or spotlight but do incredible work directly with companies. One of those people is John Diddams. I have known John for nearly 12 years, and in that time, he has worked with over 20 companies, assisting them in the management of going from a Private to an ASX Listed Company. Several have been clients and former clients of WI. In this Interview, John goes through the key steps required for any company thinking about an ASX Listing, and aspects to be aware of. His session was part of our recent Showcase.

The full video can be viewed here!



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